Shri Gulab Rai Montessori Sr. Sec. School,(Junior Wing) Nainital Road, Bareilly,(UP)

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Co-ordinator's Message

Dear Readers,

As the Co-ordinator of GRM, Junior Wing, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you. I feel privileged to tell you that we have developed a great educational infrastructure where the little GRMnaians will have a memorable learning experience. The recently constructed building encompasses all the necessitous amenities and equipment to cater to the safety and security of the children.

The school prides itself on spacious, fully ventilated and well-lit classrooms, corridors, Computer Lab, Library, Activity Room, Dance and Music Room. Separate and well-partitioned washrooms for both boys and girls help to develop fundamental hygiene habits among the little ones.

What the world needs now is love . Education can heal the world . At GRM we aim to ensure that the precious children entrusted to our care by their parents grow not just mentally , physically and socially but also learn the values of love and compassion . We nuture doctors , engineers , scientists , sportsmen , writers ... but most important of all , we believe in nurturing better human beings .

The Computer Lab is centrally air-conditioned and has sufficient workstations for the students.
The Library is full of inspiring, entertaining books and magazines to help develop sensitive minds into responsible citizens.
The Activity Room has toys and sports items of world-class quality. They are aesthetically appealing, sturdy, durable, unbreakable, engaging and entertaining. The sweeping, open and grassy playground brings the students close to nature. It is easily accessible to all and has enough space for the students to move, run and jump freely without the threat of getting hurt. Slides, see-saws and swings encourage the students to be more active and thus stay healthy and strong.
Dramatic exploration provides students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and dreams. The Dance and Music arena of the school weaves spirituality and freedom of expression seamlessly into the curriculum.

In the words of Dorothea Brande, “A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.” We, therefore, have a rich and innovative curriculum. We place a strong emphasis on working with parents enabling the children to maximize their abilities, ambitions and academic potential in everything they do. We foster values of courtesy, consideration and responsibility and allocate both challenge and support to our little ones. We provide a happy and safe environment so that the students can experience opportunities beyond classrooms and become independent learners and responsible and confident adults.
With a team of committed and caring teachers, we aim to shape young minds and prepare them to be ready for the world that is waiting to meet them. The well-trained ancillary staff is always vigilant and eager to assist the students.
I am grateful to the Management of Shri Gulab Rai Group of Schools for guiding and supporting us in all our endeavours.

May God bless us all with good health and peace of mind.


Jai Hind

Vinita Saxena