Shri Gulab Rai Montessori Sr. Sec Nainital Road, Bareilly,(UP)

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Principal's Message


" Education is the passport to the future , for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. "

Greetings of Peace and Joy!

Friends , the sea of opportunities is endless . Life tosses us a myriad chances to improve ourselves and develop into better individuals . It is only when we become better versions of humanity , that we make society a safe place and a secure society in turn leads to a prosperous nation . The key to this chain lies in education.

The need of the hour is an education that does not only cater to the intellectual and physical growth of the child but also his moral and spiritual development . In present times, people are losing moral values . The world is turning selfish , materialistic and heartless . Scientific advancement and economic development have come but at a terrible price . Man has sacrificed his soul at the altar of worldly gain.

What the world needs now is love . Education can heal the world . At GRM we aim to ensure that the precious children entrusted to our care by their parents grow not just mentally , physically and socially but also learn the values of love and compassion . We nuture doctors , engineers , scientists , sportsmen , writers ... but most important of all , we believe in nurturing better human beings .

I, on behalf of our entire family , welcome you to GRM . Let us together shepherd the young generation to meet the challenges of the 21st century and make the world a better place .


God bless everyone.

R. S. Rawat