Shri Gulab Rai Montessori School Dohra Road, Bareilly,(UP)

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What the Child Learns At GRM

  • To be a good listener.
  • To pay attention, concentrate, and finally be able to understand feelings and not just words.
  • To develop a positive attitude:
  • To gain confidence by positive thinking and to be result oriented.
  • To accept responsibility:
  • To gain accountability and credibility by changing his weaknesses into strength and thus achieve maturity.
  • To develop a zeal for learning.
  • To be enthusiastic to develop his/her knowledge bank.
  • To be considerate:
  • To express, obedience, courtesy and politeness in words and deeds.
  • To nurture leadership qualities:
  • To adjust in different situations and take charge of the things around him/her.
  • To develop a strong character;
  • To develop character as a combination of integrity, selfness, understanding, courage, loyalty and respect.
  • To be able to take a resolution to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the starving and tolerant towards the weak and the wronged.
  • Finally to be a good human being, to serve humanity with love and compassion.