Shri Gulab Rai Montessori School Dohra Road, Bareilly,(UP)

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School Rules

  1. Discipline and decent behavior are given due importance. Every student is expected to obey the teachers and follow the rules and regulations.
  2. A student may be expelled from school due to irregular attendance, misbehavior, disobedience. Gross indiscipline or on using unfair means in examination.
  3. Any willful damage done to any item of the school property shall be made good by the concerned parents/guardians.
  4. No parents shall offer any gift/gratification to any member of the staff.
  5. School authorities are in no way responsible for loss of ay expensive item brought by the students to the campus.
  6. Engaging of private tutors is not approved by the management as a matter of policy. The school staff strictly prohibited from giving private tuitions to any student of GRM.
  7. The parents /guardians are not allowed to see students or interview teachers during the school hours, without prior permission of the Principal.
  8. No leave is granted during school hours except under very serious circumstances.
  9. Unauthorized absence from the school, bringing of cell phones and other undesirable material, use of Abusive language shall be considered as a serious misconduct and strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the students.
  10. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school except for a very genuine reason.


  1. Parents/Guardians are required to kindly go through the conditions in this prospectus before they fill in their application for registration of students.
  2. The management reserves the right to change any condition/information mentioned in this prospectus without any prior notice.
  3. Parents must ensure that their child is fully equipped with a complete set of stationery, books and uniform before the beginning of the new session