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Principal's Message

Under the best circumstances, children need to know that their world is safe and they are competent and worthy of respect. This need for reassurance is exponentially higher amid the worst circumstances, like the present - day global pandemic . Students can't solve problems, learn, self - regulate, exhibit empathy or self - compassion if they are marinating in fear.

In such a scenario, our soul aim as educators and parents is to help kids cope with uncertainty and adjust themselves to novel ways of digital and distance learning . We should make sincere efforts to make them realize that their well - being is above their academic performance . For these , a teacher can begin with an open - ended personal inquiry such as " What was the biggest surprise this week ? " or " Have there been moments of unexpected joy or relief ? " Give the kids a sense of empowerment by encouraging them to look for opportunities to contribute like planting saplings , helping in daily chores , etc. When kids transcend themselves , they fixate less on what they lack . Make them feel you are available for them . The gestures that mean the most are often the simplest .

They will not remember what they learned during the coronavirus pandemic , but they will remember who helped them to get through.

I am delighted to introduce a series of newsletters , The Strides , by our team of teachers to help you glance at the various activities conducted virtually during the pandemic to keep the flame of creativity alive among the students .

My congratulations to the Editorial Board for bringing in the fourth volume of the school magazine , The GRManian Strides , that was withheld because of the COVID - 19 pandemic .

My sincerest thanks to the Manager , Mr. Rajesh Agarwal ' Jolly ' and the Director Mr. Trijit Agarwal, for supporting and encouraging us in taking every effort to ensure the unhindered flow of knowledge through virtual classes .


Wishing you to stay safe

Mr. Sheel Saxena