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A stimulating approach to each subject and continuous monthly assessment procedure is being followed along with terminal examinations. The School has a system of continuous assessment and evaluation through projects, assignments, tests and term examinations. At the end of the academic session the sum total of all these are taken into consideration for student's academic performance.
The School follows a continuous and comprehensive evaluation and the academic performance of the students is adjudged on the basis of two tier system of examination:

Please note:

  1. Any child with an attendance less than 75 % will not be allowed to appear in the final examination.
  2. A student who fails in the same class for two consecutive years will not be allowed to remain in the school.
  3. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the examinations.
  4. Any child caught using unfair means during the examination will be expelled from the school and his / her entire examination I would be cancelled.
  5. No leave shall be granted to the students during examinations except in unavoidable circumstances. In that case, the parents are required to get the leave sanctioned in advance.
  6. The student absenting himself / herself from school without prior permission of the school authorities shall be treated as a defaulter and the act shall be considered as a serious misconduct.
  7. If the student absents himself for more than 10 days without prior intimation to school , his / her name shall be struck off from the school rolls .